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Hey all you Mods out there!

Life on the road for the past week has been nothing short of bitchin!

We’ve had some great shows so far.  Started off in Leawood, Kansas at Mestizo which is an awesome place.  The set was going great and then it started to sprinkle a little bit so they covered up the patio.  We kept rockin and then out of nowhere the floor just started to get drenched and we had to cut it mid song in order to save our gear.  Also so we didn’t get electrocuted because that would have been a bad time!


After that we hit the venue Gas Lamp in Des Moines for St. Patty’s day.  Which is always a fun time.  I mean rock n’ roll and booze have been paired together since the get go.  We have some pictures coming from that show courtesy of Kenzie Long.  All in all we had a blast and Des Moines has been a lot of fun.


The next stop was Columbia, MO at The Bridge.   It’s an interesting venue and it is part of The Columbia Academy of Music.  We performed after a few Jazz groups they had from their school that night.   The show went well and we got along with everyone really well and had some drinks after the show!  A big thanks to Wes Wingate for getting us in there and same to Kara Miller.  We had loads of fun with both of you!


That leads us to where we are now which is hanging out at The Kemble’s in Panora, Iowa.  We’ve had a lot of fun here and today is our day off.  Our last show is tomorrow at The House of Bricks in Des Moines and we are stoked for it!


Thanks for reading my regurgitated mess of information.  You all are greatly appreciated.  Keep in touch we have some more shows coming up back in Minnesota so we will so you soon!


-Nick P

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