The Modern Era is an independent rock band that has an aggressive tone that takes rock music head on from all angles.  The members come from scattered parts of Minnesota and came together in Minneapolis to form a group that has intentions to shake the foundation of rock music.  Jack Swagger, and the brothers Ben & Nick Pelowski have been allowing the clubs of the Twin Cities to let them perform for the past 5 years in different groups.  Then in 2015 famed drummer, Bob Joslyn, from the Minneapolis band Run Westy Run took the throne of percussion.  Making The Modern Era even more ready to create amazing rock music.  Currently they are recording their first record with the new lineup and gearing up for another exciting year.



“The Modern Era is a band that takes it music seriously, but not necessarily itself. These guys are there to give the audience a great time and their music pretty much guarantees that.” – Markus Akre; Twin Cities Media

Sick of Sarah with The Modern Era at the Pourhouse – 3/5/2016

Modern Era’s aim is to kill all the filler, and they’re doing just that, as evidenced by their newest release, “The Holiday EP,” available for streaming on the band’s website.



-Bryan Lund; “The Post Bulletin”

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